YEGA (pronounced yay-gah) is a Nigerian-born fashion artist living and working in the UK. With an MSc in International Management with Marketing (distinction) from the University of Exeter, she specialises in using her art as a branding and visual communication tool particularly in the demanding and meticulously detailed language of luxury. Accordingly, she has been commissioned by some of the world’s leading luxury brands, including Vogue, Maison Laduree, Diane Von Furstenberg and Grazia, with work also covering walls at The Dubai Mall and displayed at the world’s most iconic luxury department store, Harrods. While her signature tool is a fine liner pen, which she uses to sketch her bold figures and characters (with colour and final tweaks added digitally), her abilities cover a wide range of other media from watercolours to marker pens and acrylic paint.

She is the founder of Fashion Illustration Africa the first online platform exclusively dedicated to illustrators of colour on the continent of Africa and in the diaspora and co-founder of iLLUSTRA8.